1. Peace!!

    I’m Devin, one of your co-mods for this amazing blog for qtfoc(queer/trans folks of color) who are of size.  I am a Queer Man of Color (Who Identifies as Two-Spirit) and a neo-indigenist(a) born and raised in New York from folks of El Salvador. Former fashion student who quit because of the sexist, sizeist, and racist veil within the realm of fashion. I now rebel to fashion requirements and have found a love for fashion for queer men of color and transpeople of color since very little of it exists out there.

    My Fashion Likes:  Earthy Colors, Blacks and Grays, Bootcut Blue-Jeans, V-Neck Tees, Soft Linen-like Cotton Scarves, , Waist-Length Members-only Jackets, Cardigans, Stone and Wooden Jewelry (Earplugs, Pendents, and Bracelets), Colorful Totes and Bookbags, Boots, Moccasins, BoatShoes, flip-flops, Canvas Sneakers,  Corduroy, and thrift-stores.

    Although I love them, I try to avoid Horizontal Stripes and focus more on solid colors. I try to bring in accessories that make my outfit pop.  I hope for two things with this blog: 

    1. To learn what to wear for my body type, from other folks, without focusing on the negative.
    2. To help in submitting information for transgender and queer male fashion (of color, of course).


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We are a collective of POC (people of color) who are chubby/curvy/fat/plus sized & fabulous. This space is dedicated to body positive reflections of ourselves through fashion +